Posted: April 17th, 2015

Managing Human Capital

FORMAT: Managerial Report Format

Employees face a perennial challenge to build an enduring psychological contract within each employee in order to acquire and then retain motivated engaged human talent.

In your adopted role as a Business Unit Manager, you are required to attend to 3 tasks

TASK 1 (20marks)
– Critically review the main issues and challenges faced in managing the organisation’s human capital
– A background to the organisation scenario is needed. Current issues related to the course unit should be reviewed in context. Current and future challenges should be highlighted to provide an agenda for this assignment. This will require and ‘audit’ of Human Capital Management (HCM) in role.

TASK 2 (45 marks)
– Select 3 of these concerns and then make proposals for change to improve employee engagement by:
i. Providing a detailed review of the existing position and the impact upon the organisation from an HCM perspective
ii. Project the desired position by when and for whom (stakeholders group)
iii. Propose needed interventions.

TASK 3 (35 marks)
For the MAIN ISSUE mentioned in TASK 2 to be resolved apply established models and relevant theories, as well as a comprehensive use of literature & other evidence sources, to propose justified change.

It is a more extensive task requiring academic rigour to use theory to establish new practice for the organisation.

You are required to
i. Select models
ii. Select theory
iii. Apply 1 and 2 as appropriate

To obtain insight and learning, a range of literature and other evidence sources must be applied to formulate an argument for organisational change.

Then a statement is required upon HOW such change can be implemented.

Extended statement for the main issue (5 marks)/ Application of cited models and theories (15 marks)/ Literature & Evidence referencing (10marks)/ Change implementation (5 marks)

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