Posted: September 17th, 2017

Managing Innovation

Introduction � introduce the objectives of the  assignment, highlight the main findings and present the plan for the rest of the document.

Body � consists of two parts
Part 1 (2000 words, 50% marks)
Introduce this section that reflects on the critical success factors identified in three Assignment One case studies. Note: you do not need to discuss all six organisations. Identifying critical success factors overall or in three or different organisation is fine.
Briefly describe the management of innovation within those organisations.
Identify the critical success factors that you believe are at work in the organisations. Use evidence from the Assignment One case studies to support your analysis. Your explanation of the critical success factors and your ability to critically evaluate them will be assessed. 
At the end of this section, provide a mini-conclusion that draws together your discussion to this point, and present any implications arising from your conclusion. It is very important that you put thought into the mini conclusion. In a few sentences you will share what you believe to be important in the management of innovation.

Part 2 (2000 words, 50% marks)
The purpose of this task is to help you develop a toolkit for managing innovation that is of value in your working life. 
After this section�s introduction, start by identifying and referencing some of the processes/models/frameworks/techniques (five to ten maximum) that you have encountered in this unit, either through unit materials or through the case studies. Include a couple of sentences to state the purpose of the tool and to describe it.
Then select three to four of the above. For each tool, describe and evaluate it in detail. For example, describe the outcomes of applying the 4P framework, and then identify what could be done with these outcomes, including the limitations and the opportunities. Critically evaluate the tool by analysing its strengths and weaknesses, and limitations in its applicability. Close this section with a mini-conclusion, and present any implications arising from your conclusion. 
Conclusion – Summarise the assignment, presenting your findings.

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