Posted: September 18th, 2017

Managing Large-scale Emergencies

Managing Large-scale Emergencies
You are the City Manager in Happytown, USA. As part of your strategic planning process, you are exploring alternative ways to manage large-scale emergencies that could affect your city. After reading the Groenendaal, Helsoot & Scholtens article, as well as the Wilson & McCreight article, what elements would you include in your strategic plan? Why?

Remember: Your Turn papers should be a minimum of one FULL page of text (typewritten), answering a question or expressing your opinion on a topic. Your Turn papers should reflect 12-point font with double spacing between the lines, and the proper format (APA style) when citing or referencing published materials. While these papers require APA formatting, an Abstract is not necessary, but a TITLE PAGE and a REFERENCES page at the end are mandatory.

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