Posted: June 10th, 2015

managing the econmic recovery

managing the econmic recovery

Write a quantitative essay on a topic of your choice. This 15-20 page essay (maximum – double spaced pages) should look like an academic essay with:

An Introduction
Clear Research Question and Hypotheses
Literature Review
Data Analysis

The analysis will be conducted with one of the datasets on the course drive.

Structure of Final Paper

Clear and compelling
Topic clearly introduced and put in context – tell the reader why he or she is reading your essay.
Clearly stated research question – “The aim of this paper is…”
Literature Review
The pertinent literature is reviewed.
A minimum of 15 sources (from books and/or journals) are expected.
On-line reference are permitted but should not be the majority.
On-line reference should be from reputable academic sources (on-line academic journals, JSTOR etc – in doubt, find real source)
Analyses from others are discussed – variables used, findings etc.
Should be well-written integrated (no point form or annotated bibliography – no repetitive format as in:
The study by “X” said…
Then the next study said
Then the next…)
This section concludes with a summary of what was learned.

Variables are discussed:
Present Frequency Table of Dependent Variable:

Table 1 – Vote Choice

Conservative            600
Liberals            250
NDP                150
Total                1000
Source: 2011 Canadian Election Study

Discuss all data processing steps undertaken (recoding, missing data etc.)
Review Index Building or Factor Analysis – discuss new variables resulting from such steps.
Discuss research hypotheses.

Present a least one Contingency Table
Table 2 – Impact of Age on Vote Choice

Question wording (if available)

Present and discuss at least 2 control tables.
Findings should be discussed in text.
Table in output could be placed in appendix and referred to in text.

Discuss the objectives of your regression analysis.
Present the variables you will incorporate in your analysis
Your correlation matrix should be in Appendix
Your regression table should be in appendix
Present your regression equation:

Y(name) = a + b1x(name)+ b2x(name) + …
(s.e.)        (s.e)
R-squared =

Discuss your findings in details


Restate main elements of your essay
Identify Key Findings
What have you learned? Position your findings in larger literature on your topic.

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