Posted: September 17th, 2017



Assignment 1
Assignment due: Wednesday of Week 7
Total mark: 20 marks (20%)
Assignment Topic:
Designing and fabricating energy absorbing metal and polymer structures
using additive manufacturing
Assignment submission guidelines
• Type in word with times new roman 12 with spacing 1.2. Single column. Use normal margins.
• Abstract (150 words), main part (3000 to 5000 words) and conclusion (100 words)
• For headings use bold, underline.
• Use endnote for references. Use numbering. All references should appear together at the
end of the paper.
• The Assignments must be written in the best possible technical and grammatical English.
Will be penalised for bad spelling, grammar and punctuation.
• Titles should be concise and should describe the content of the paper. If you have a long
title, please consider a Title: Subtitle format
• All graphics (photos, line art, and tables) must fit within the margin settings. All graphics
should be understandable when printed in black and white. Do not use only color as a
distinguishing feature. Use symbols or patterns on line and bar graphs to identify lines and
• Illustrations should be numbered consecutively as they are presented in the text (Figure 1,
Figure 2, etc., and Table 1, Table 2, etc.). Each figure should be mentioned or called out
before it appears.
• All mathematics must be embedded in the text using an equation editor. Equations need to
be numbered only if they are referred to more than once.
• Save the file with Surname_Assignment number_ID
• Submit the assignment to blackboard and submit a printed copy with cover sheet during the
lecture time. Twenty five percentage of marks will be reduced for each day in case of late
submission unless approved prior.

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