Posted: September 17th, 2017

market research

This assignment is extremely important.

Description of the Assignment:
The current Italian government is determined to successfully put up a stunning World Fair called “Expo 2015” which will be held in Milan, next May 2015.
As the success of the Expo will hinge on the arrival of millions of tourists from all over the world over an extended period of time, your project will be geared to identifying key attributes of a touristic product (core, fair participation, augmented which includes other attributes you will define) which will guarantee a high level of satisfaction on the part of foreign nationals. You will be able to tap into the likes of your fellow students to develop a panel of foreigners which will resemble the tastes and demands of yet other foreigners. You will use non statistical sampling and theoretical saturation to establish an adequate sample size.
For all the reasons stated before, you will work on developing
A) a panel of foreigners representing the most active Expo 2015 nationalities (top 5) AT LEAST 20.
B) definition of core and augmented product attributes for one main target segment.
C) top five Italian venues (i.e. Vatican and Colosseum in Rome, Venice, as indicated through your research results)
D) ethical issues related to the data collection and solutions you worked out…
E) an indication on how you assure for reliability and validity of the research design.
Structure of the assignment.
Cover page.
It includes the course name, the project title, the students’ full name, the lecturer’s full name and the submission date.
Table of contents.
It includes all the headings with appropriate page numbers, including the References and the Appendices.
Executive summary.
It introduces the reader to the case you are going to present.
(see under “Description of the assignment”)
They draw key insights from the case analysis, summarize the main features of the company presented and propose future development for its business and organisational solutions.
Assessment Criteria:
1. Capacity to clearly explain the rationale behind the project
2. Appropriate analysis, use and critical evaluation of secondary research
3. Capacity to design and implement all steps of primary market research

Format of the Assignment:
Title page, table of contents, nine sections, 2,000 words (excluding appropriate tables/charts), Font: 12 pt; Spacing: double; Referencing and Bibliography: Harvard System.

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