Posted: September 18th, 2017

Marketing MKTG

Lesson 10 Assignment

Developing an Advertising



Consider your group to be an advertising agency and you are charged with developing a broadcast advertising for your simulated product that you have been selling in the marketing simulation.


Your group needs to decide on advertising objectives, message content, and how your message will be structured. Pay specific attention to capturing attention and breaking through clutter in your message. In this process, your aim is to design an advertisement that is entertaining enough that consumers would want to watch it (If necessary, watch WV commercial for Super bowl—Dart Vader). Your message strategy should identify customer benefits that could be used distinctive appeals. You message style may include fantasy, music, image, testimonials, and or evidence.


Then, using digital technology you are familiar with (webcam, camcorder, other) record your advertising that may be distributed via YouTube or other similar sites. Make sure that your advertising is no longer than 3 minutes.


Post your recorded message for other class members to view and comment.


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