Posted: September 17th, 2017

marketing of services


You have recently graduated and have secured a role in the marketing department of a large insurance company. On your first day in the role, you are asked by your superior to research and prepare a report outlining the drivers of success and failure in the context of service businesses in general. Your superior intends to use your report to help prepare a verbal presentation that she will be delivering at an upcoming services marketing conference.

In regards to this task, please note the following:
– Your submission should be carefully planned prior to starting writing to ensure relevance to the topic and good sequencing of ideas
– You are expected to consult at least 4 recent, high-quality journal articles on this topic as well as any other sources that you believe are relevant and authoritative
– The work should be correctly referenced throughout the document (Chicago protocol)
– A list of references should appear at the end of the document (Chicago protocol)
– Your writing should be structured under appropriate headings and sub-headings
– Appropriate use of paragraphs should be evident throughout the document
– Avoid vague or sweeping statements
– Ensure that there’s a logical flow throughout the document
– Do not write in the first person (Don’t use “I”, “we” or “us”)
– Edit your work thoroughly


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