Posted: September 17th, 2017

Marketing Plan

To help with this paper, please refer to the segment description exhibit table I provided alongside the complete Quick Look reports on the pSFDi tech.

Part I. Marketing Situation Analysis: (2 pages)

Integrate your interview summaries and information from your Quick Look with applicable data from additional primary and secondary research you have conducted. Remember that the Situation Analysis is laying the groundwork for the Opportunities and Issues Analysis and, from that, strategy recommendations. Therefore, this includes information that could represent external (customer, competitor, context) threats and opportunities as well as internal (company/product) strengths/weaknesses.

N/B: My paper will JUST be on the Customers/Markets segment.


Here are things to put into consideration (provided by course professor):

1. What problems (at least two) do potential customers have? (That this technology/product can solve?)
2. How is this problem currently being addressed by potential users/buyers?
3. Describe two potential users (or buyers) of this technology. Make sure you describe a person – e.g., job title, industry in which he/she works, education, etc. The objective here is to start examining at least two market segments that have a problem that this technology could solve. In addition, be sure to address how this person/organization goes about making buying decisions. You can get this from an interview with potential customers.

NOTE: There are two pieces of this section that will be especially important for grading purposes:
(1) Discussion of the problems of the market, i.e., the problems that potential customers have that this technology could address/solve. Make sure that you address at least two potential customer groups and that you describe the *problems* in depth.
(2) Your description of the business customer, including the problems they have and the buying process they typically use. Do this for each of your potential customer groups.

Part II. Opportunities/Issues Analysis: ( 1 page )

In this section, reflect back on the information in the Marketing Situation Analysis and identify external opportunities and threats (i.e. from the customers only for the sake of this paper). These are things to which you could respond with marketing strategy. In addition, identify the internal strengths and weaknesses of the company/organization as they relate to this technology/product, and as they relate to the opportunities and threats you’ve listed.

Again: To help with this paper, please refer to the segment description exhibit table I provided alongside the complete Quick Look report on the pSFDi technology.

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