Posted: September 17th, 2017

marketing plan

marketing plan

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ABC Agency Limited.

You are the Marketing Executive for ABC Agency Ltd.

Your agency has been appointed to develop an Integrated Marketing Communications campaign for the

period July to December 2013. The client is a local subsidiary of a multinational company operating in

the region where you are studying. You may choose the type of client from the following:


Building Contractor

Fashion clothing retailer

Fast food retailer

Smart mobile phone manufacturer

Tablet computer manufacturer

You are required to produce the following:

1 A marketing communications plan for the promotion of the product or service you choose for the

period July to December 2014.

The communications plan should:

f) identify the target market

g) contain up to 3 objectives for the campaign and an objective for each marketing

h) provide details of the strategy and content of the activities for each marketing

i) indicate how the marketing communication elements will work together to form an Integrated

j) produce a marketing communications budget. This will be in the form of a Gantt chart

communication tool

communications element.

Marketing Communications strategy.

indicating when all the activities will take place and the costs of each item.

(word count for the plan – 2,500 words)

2. Analyse the existing advertising undertaken by the company in the country where you

are studying and the country where its Head Office is located (if the Head Office is

located in the country where you are studying, please choose another country). Reflect

on the extent to which the advertising is standardised or adapted to meet local market


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