Posted: September 18th, 2017

marketing planning and promotion

marketing planning and promotion
The assignment task is as following:
“you are required to assume the post of Marketing Manager for RasGas Company that has to critically review the current marketing and promotion policies of the organization with respect to a particular product/services or line of products/services. You are required to prepare a marketing plan to amend, improve or extend the existing policies/practices. Your plan should include a section dealing with promotion policy in particular.
The plan should be in business report format and not exceed 4500 words and should specifically include:
• An industry/market/competitor analysis.
• A justification for the launch/re-launch of the new/modified product/service.
• An outline of major marketing opportunities for the new/modified product/service.
• A recommended marketing strategy based upon segmentation, targeting and positioning.
• The marketing strategy to detail marketing mix variables.
• The proposal of a promotion plan and the optimum promotional mix.
• A marketing budget detailing categories of expenditure and a notional financial profile of the contribution of the new product/service.
• Demand forecasts based upon known demand for the organization’s products/services allied to sales targets.
• A contingency plan.
• A conclusion
• A bibliography (Harvard system of references).”
The report should have:
• Executive summary
• Introduction
• tables, diagrams, graphs, charts etc..
Kindly refer to the material attached to develop the report.

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