Posted: September 18th, 2017

Maternity Case Study

Please discuss the following:
• The normal anatomical and physiological changes that occur in pregnancy at the gestation of the case
• The pathophysiology of the obstetric/neonatal condition relating to this case and where relevant distinguish between any other possible diagnosis that may be made
• The usual management, both medical and nursing, of the condition recommended by the literature including journal articles, textbooks, hospital policies
• Provide a critique of recent TWO research studies outlining current practice in relation to the management of such cases
• Discuss any relevant assessments, examinations, investigations and other procedures that would usually be undertaken for this case scenario.
• Make use of relevant, professional reference material throughout the assignment to provide evidence in support of your discussion on the topic of choice. NB: non-credible web references will not be accepted as appropriate, professional resources
• Present your work in the usual written assessment format as outlined in the marking guide.
Please: Complete the additional requirements for the case study of your choice.
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