Posted: September 18th, 2017


A. Complete the attached “Graphic Organizer” B. Analyze a mathematics topic from the graphic organizer by doing the following: 1. Discuss the origin of the chosen topic. 2. Explain how knowledge of the chosen topic has evolved over time. 3. Discuss a current real-world application related to the chosen topic. 4. Predict how the chosen topic will continue to be used in the field of mathematics. a. Justify your prediction. Instructors Explanation of Assignment: In part A, you will fill out a graphic organizer with the history of several different topics in math. The ENTIRE graphic organizer must be completed. Keep your topics simple and well-known so you can find plenty of information on them. The Pythagorean Theorem (Geometry), Quadratic Equation (Algebra), and Metric System (Measurement) are good examples, but you can use others. Column 3: Discuss people that contributed to your topic. Include places and dates. Column 4: Discuss why your topic was influential. Why was it a great discovery? What did it impact or change for the better? What was going on during that time that may have influenced its discovery? Column 5: Discuss and provide a current REAL-WORLD application of your topic. There is an example (trigonometry) included in the graphic organizer. Use this as your guide for the length of responses and for the content needed for each column. You can leave that example when submitting your assignment. In Part B, you will choose ONE Famous math problem from the given list to investigate. Describe the problem including the origin; discuss its importance to mathematicians or why it would be interesting to students in middle or high school now; describe the impact your problem had on an individual who worked on it; and discuss HOW, WHEN, and BY WHOM the problem was solved. Include any breakthroughs that aided in finding the solution. Be sure to cite any outside resources in APA format (both in-text citations and a full citation).

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