Posted: September 18th, 2017

McCartney and Clayton

Questions on McCartney and Clayton
Project Description: Assignments & Projects Assignment 4 | Questions on McCartney and Clayton (16 points) Answer the following questions in 2000 words or less (2000 total for all questions together). a. Explain what McCartney and Clayton mean by the “hermeneutical spiral.” To do this you will have to understand what they say about the role of presuppositions in Biblical interpretation. b. Explain what McCartney and Clayton mean by the grammatical-historical method (chapter 5). How does it differ from the historical-critical method (Appendix B)? c. According to chapter six of this book, how can a passage of Scripture have a “fuller meaning” than intended by the original author and discovered by the grammatical-historical method? Be sure to discuss typology. d. According to this book, how should we interpret the meaning of words in a passage? e. Explain how McCartney and Clayton believe Scripture should influence our worship and witness (chapter 9). I am paying for 5 pages or less should not take that many

I have this book in my kindle account if you cannaot acess in you library

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