Posted: September 17th, 2017

ME 505

ME 505
Programming and Software Tools in Mechanical Engineering
Project #2
Given a series of silent high-speed images, write a program to extract audio from the

(1) An example written in C++ has been given in Lecture #7.
(2) Solution LoadBitmap has two useful functions:
Instead of copying the relevant code of Solution LoadBitmap into your program, you can
directly use the following three files in your project:
The first two files are necessary for using functions GetImageDataFromBmpFile and
writeWAVData, and they should be included in your solution. The last file is necessary
for running your program, and you need to put it in the same folder of your executable
(3) The sample code, OnToolsRuntest() in Lecture_7_1.cpp, uses hard code and a very
simple method to extract audio. You should write a program that can get audio
information from the silent images with higher quality and faster speed.
(4) Loading a large number of images can takes long time, so the time spent on image
loading is not considered when we calculate the processing speed.

Image Sets
There are three image sets for testing.  They can be downloaded at
Please note that you can download the files from Dropbox without creating an account
and/or signing in.

Please submit your code on Blackboard and also submit the reconstructed three audio

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