Posted: September 18th, 2017

Mental Health issues affects on the immediate caregiver of an elderly person

NOTE: This is an analysis & application paper

This 6-page, not including the title and References page, two-part paper due by the end of Week 4 of the course term requires selecting an instructor approved issue, or problem in need of a solution, related to adult development and aging, researching and analyzing information about it, and applying learning by proposing a possible solution for the problem. The paper must be developed using research material from at least four academic, scholarly journals, in addition to the course textbook.

Part II: Application (100 pts possible)
Application requires putting into action one’s knowledge and ideas about a problem and how to solve it, which in this case are informed by the scholarly material you reviewed in the writing of Part 1. In this section of the paper you will demonstrate the ability to apply what you have learned when researching the issue you selected by hypothesizing about and recommending possible solutions that could be used to address and improve the situation examined in the Issue Analysis part of the paper. The goal here is to attempt to solve the particular problem you identified in Part 1, not to introduce additional problems or identify every possible solution.

Full Paper Writing, Formatting and Submission Requirements

The body of the paper, not including the title and References page, must be a minimum of 6 full pages long.

The paper must include a title page and References page listing all sources used attached to the end.

The full paper, including title and References pages, must be formatted in compliance with the rules of the American Psychological Association (APA) and be well-organized, easy to follow, written as a narrative with no lists, bulleted items, tables or graphics and free of grammatical and spelling errors. First person perspective “I” and second person “you” pronouns and personal story sharing should not be included.

Each page of the paper must contain more than 3 direct quotes. Your instructor needs to see what meaning you have made of what you found in researching scholarly articles, not what the articles’ authors have already written.

Any portions of the paper based on published information must be source credited in the paper body and with an accompanying References list of all sources attached to the end.

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