Posted: September 18th, 2017


12 page research paper using the folowing criteria. I NEED A THESIS STATEMENT BACK BY 6PM STANDARD TIME THE REST WILL BE DUE ON THE 20TH


Verizon Wireless economic analysis. Analyze the economic condition of the industry and determine how well the market structure models (Perfect competition, Monopolisitic Competition, Oligopooly or Monopoly) and predict the behavior of the firm. Consideration should be given to the level of competition (market share), the degree of regulation and the issue of foreign competition. Also economic dynamics such as Employment, GDP, Fiscal vs Monetary Policy, recession and inflation may be considered.


grading criteria:

has the subject matter been thoroughly researched

have the major issues surrounding the topic been identified

what was the extent of the analysis of the major issues

Proper documentation

frammer spelling defense of thesis/closure

turn it in match score

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