Posted: September 17th, 2017

My Healthy Communities

My Healthy Communities is an interactive site that lets you see how your local health area is performing and how it compares against other similar areas.

The website is run by the National Health Performance Authority, an independent agency that began operations in 2012. It provides nationally consistent, locally relevant and comparable information about health care services in Australia.

The aim of this website is to provide information in a way that helps you to make informed decisions. By publicly reporting in this way we also aim to empower clinicians and service providers to drive improvements, and increase transparency and accountability within the health system.

Building your community profile; add data from your local health district.

Go to thewebsite and type in your postcode to see information about your community and local health district.

Notice the district boundaries for the area, what towns are included?

View the summary of health measures, take note of key issues. What surprises you about this data?

Explore the types of measures available, and build a report (you will notice a green box ADD to MY REPORT) based on data you need for your community assessment.TIP: check out the how to use this page guide in each of the measures

Check out community comparisons and make note on issues that are above or below the Australian averages and adjacent communities

As you build your report notice and make notes on what data is not included in this report, you will need to retreive it from other sources.

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