Posted: September 17th, 2017


Use the Joseph Campbell’s four functions of mythology as the topic. Connect your

thesis/theory to a popular culture object (a film, dolls/action figures, car, etc.),

event (news, local social event, holiday, religious ritual, etc), character (fictional

or nonfictional, famous, infamous, or personally connected, etc.) This essay is not

about the popular culture object/event/character you chose as much as it is about the

connection between your thesis and that object/event/character.

Joseph Campbell’s four functions of mythology also have a wide-ranging application in

analyzing pop-culture objects/events/characters.

Concentrate on the concepts and how those concepts relate to the pop-culture

object/event/character you chose.

Your Final Essay should have three parts:

Introduction with theses

A body with well-constructed paragraphs linking one to another

A conclusion in which you make your point

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