Posted: September 17th, 2017

Native cultures.

Sue and Sue (1999, as cited in Diller J. (2015) Cultural Diversity: A Primer For Human Services (5th edition) Belmont, CA: Brooke/Cole Cengage. page. 269) Identify five values that typify Native American cultures: Sharing and cooperation, Noninterference, A cyclical orientation to time, The importance of extended families and harmony with nature. Analyze and address the five values as you apply them by creating a case study to a hypothetical current or past client or use a pseudonym if the individual and scenario are real. What have you learned from this chapter that can help you apply this knowledge in a real. world scenario with your hypothetical or real client in a human services setting. Incorporate 3 scholarly sources or credible websites. The activity will be in form of a Power point Presentation.

Book is Diller, J. (2015) Cultural Diversity: A Primer For Human Services (5th Edition). Belmont, CA: Brooke/Cole Cengage.

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