Posted: September 17th, 2017

Naturalism and Symbolism

1. With reference to Miss Julie and ‘The Preface to Miss Julie’ explain how the play might be read as ‘Naturalistic’. In your answer, you should discuss how far the play illustrates and/or challenges the definitions of Naturalism you have encountered in the ‘Preface’.

You should also refer to specific aspects of the text, such as: narrative, character, language, environment, etc.

2. With reference to TWO of the following plays: Three Sisters, When We Dead Awaken and Interior, discuss how the conventions of dramatic and theatrical Naturalism are challenged and subverted.

In your answer, you should discuss the extent to which the concerns of Symbolism are reflected in the text or texts. Make sure that you reference AT LEAST ONE of the following essays: ‘On the Complete Pointlessness of Accurate Staging’: Pierre Quillard; ‘The Modern Drama’: Maurice Maeterlinck; or ‘Tragedy in Everyday Life’: Maurice Maeterlinck.

-Your answers need to be complete and a total of 1,500 words-1,750 words
-The questions should be answered based on the ‘Routledge Drama Anthology and sourcebook: from modernism to contemporary performance’ by Gale and Deeney (2010).
-The answers can be find in the chapter of ‘Part 1 Naturalism and Symbolism: Early Modernist Practice.’

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