Posted: September 17th, 2017

Negotiating Internationally

This is an open topic task for the subject “International Negotiation” in business school.

Drawing on the topics and frameworks we have covered so far, your task is to write a discursive essay that explores cultural aspects of international negotiations.

Choose two parties from different countries (which could be organisations, teams or representatives of some kind), and analyse what issues they could face in a bilateral negotiation.

In your essay, you are expected to:
• Show a general understanding of the processes and practices of international negotiation;
• Refer to classic frameworks to support your points;
• Apply theory to a practical, real-world situation;
Present culture-specific information about negotiating and business styles in each of the two countries
• Consider the consequences of different approaches, attitudes and values in intercultural encounters
Formulate best practice for international negotiators

Your example can be hypothetical or drawn from your own experience. It can also use a recent negotiation situation, e.g. in international relations or commerce.
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