Posted: May 9th, 2015

Negotiations Exercise 17

Scoring Criteria: Journal:

During the course, the student will maintain a journal describing his/her role experiences and reflecting on learning experiences as a negotiator. Keeping a journal encourages reflection on– and analysis of–the learning-by-experience simulations of negotiation we conduct in class.
Your comments also give the instructor a sense of your individual progress, as well as some insight into your strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator.

To describe your reactions, perceptions, impressions and significant insights gained from participation in (or reflection on) the simulations. A DETAILED OUTLINE OF WHAT

Each exercise Journal entry should begin by stating which role you played in the negotiation.
Then, for each Exercise Journal entry, examples of the subject headings you are encouraged to address include the following:

Outline (Table of Contents)

My role
Learning Points
Expectations of the situation
Preparation for the negotiation
My behavior and group member’s behavior
Knowledge and lessons learned about my skills
Different approach for the next time
Analysis and Outcome
Theories, Concepts or Principles text and course discussions

The JOURNAL (which must be submitted in a typed form acceptable to the instructor) is regarded as a confidential communication between you and the instructor. As a result, the student is expected to be specific in identifying other people (by name) and their behavior in describing your reactions to the negotiation simulations. The instructor will review journal during the course—by the end of week/class 5. These should be submitted to the instructor via email. The instructor will provide you with feedback and offer suggestions that may enhance your learning as it relates to negotiations.

The final submission of your COMPLETE JOURNAL will be due by class 9. You are required to submit the journal via WorldClassRoom Assignments area for grading purposes.
Analysis of the exercises (for each submitted journal entry) should be reflective and outline the main learning points of a specific negotiation exercise. The exercise descriptive portion of your journal requires a minimum of 4-pages for each exercise. The analysis should not be a transcript of every detail of the negotiation. Instead, the paper should apply your own insights and what you have learned through discussions, chat room exercises and readings and familiarity with the negotiations terminology to the particular negotiation you chose to analyze.

Within the summary of the negotiation outline provided above, you should include an introspective documentation of the following:

1. Analysis: How did you prepare? What strategies did you use? Why did (or didn’t) a strategy work well? (note emphasis on the why). What did you overlook? What was the consequence? What, if anything, surprised you about your behavior? How would you do things differently? How might you improve in the future? What did you learn about yourself? About the other(s)?

2. Outcome: What was the outcome? What would have improved the outcome?

3. What theories, concepts, or principles from the readings or from course discussions are useful in understanding the dynamics of this particular negotiation? Give citations to readings where appropriate.

The JOURNAL will be an indication of how well you reflected upon and analyzed the negotiation interaction and your performance. The instructor will look for:

Understanding: Demonstrating that you know the material learned in the course by drawing on the relevant concepts and lessons from both the readings and on-line discussions and exchange of information and insight. These should be cited in the text of your paper.

Criticality: When examining anyone’s behavior, be critical. This means not only determining how a behavior was effective or ineffective and why, but also realizing the inherent tradeoffs of actions taken. Every choice is based on assumptions (which may be right or wrong) and has future implications. What were they?

Takeaways: Identifying basic points or ideas drawn from the exercise that you will be able to generalize to other negotiation situations.

Note: Grammatical and spelling errors will result in scoring penalties. The use of proper
grammatical construction, including the proper use of paragraphs and topical headings
related to the deliverables, is required.

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