Posted: September 18th, 2017

Neuroscience and Religious Faith

Neuroscience and Religious Faith
1. A neuroethological approach to human behavior .

2. Neuroscience and Religious Faith
Neuroscientific Study of Religiousness
Genetics of Religiousness
Religious Experience due to Hallucinogenic Drugs:
Neurological Disorder and Religious Experiences
Magnetic Brain Stimulation and a “Sense of Presence”
Neuroimaging during Religious States and Experiences:
Theological and Philosophical Perspectives on the Neuroscience of Religion
Embodiment of Religiousness
Reductionism versus Emergentism
The Multifaceted Nature of Religion:
Cultural versus Physical Evolution:
The Veracity of Theism
Neurology of religious experiences
From neurology and religion or neurotheology category. write an article on what happens with brain when person prays, mediated, when show compassion
And how brain change when person is angry has many conflicts, fears etc.

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