Posted: September 17th, 2017

New Advances in Business

The slow death of high street retailers – how should major high street retailers position themselves to withstand the incessant pressure from
Points to considerHow has retail changed over the past few years? You could consider
o The value of high street in comparison to  online sales
o Comparison of UK to other countries
o The extent to which different sectors have been affected, for example, health, beauty, entertainment, fashion
o What theories of e-business can be used to understand this phenomenon?
· What are the available strategic options for retailer repositioning?
o What theoretical models are applicable when considering repositioning?
o What general business,  financial and marketing strategies are available when considering repositioning?
o What are the benefits and risks of each of these strategies?
· Select a high street retail company  that has severely suffered as a result of online retailing, then consider:
o Which of the available strategies would you recommend?
What theories can support your recommended strategy?
o How would your recommended strategy affect the organisational structure and marketing activities of the selected company?
· Future trends in online retail, for example
o Future developments in technology and its impact on the
retail industry
o What research issues are raised as a result of this
change in the retail industry? For example:
§ Consumer behaviour issues
§ Supply chain issues
§ Change management
write from the perspective of a business consultant,  independent analyst, academic or researcher.
You will need to do some wider reading to address this article adequately.
Various sources of information should be considered, such as academic
journals, books, newspapers, and magazines. Digital libraries should also
be considered as important source of information and data.
initial reading: Dave Chaffey (2015) E-Business andE-Commerce Management: Strategy,Implementationand Practice (6th Edition), Pearson.

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