Posted: September 17th, 2017

NR- 439-RN Evidence Based Practice

NR- 439-RN Evidence Based Practice

As a reminder, note that you are required to integrate not only the assigned readings, but also the lecture into posts on each forum
Reference from Houser, J. (2015). Nursing research: Reading, using, and creating evidence (3rd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett
Chapter 8: Measurement and Data Collection, pp. 187–220
To use the course book go to
ID# D40308252 (40308252 small letter)
Password- MSa85#10 (a85#10 small letter)
1.    Measurement Strategies (graded)
Describe what reliability means in terms of research and why it is important. How does a researcher ensure that reliability is maintained in instruments and between raters?

In research, the reliability and validity of data collection instruments/tools is everything.  Without reliability/validity established, a research study and its data collection processes are in question.

With this question, explain what reliability is, as well as why it is important to researchers.  Also, discuss strategies researchers can use to ensure reliability.  Please ensure that you fully elaborate in your responses you provide to this question as more than a sentence or two is truly required.

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