Posted: June 5th, 2015

nuclear waste in minnesota

nuclear waste in minnesota

1.    Select several (at least five) credible sources on your topic

2.    Read the sources carefully to notice phrases/ideas/words that are repeated across different sources

3.    Read sources carefully to identify similarities and differences in the information and arguments presented

4.    Based on your careful readings, select three specific aspects (categories) of the topic worth exploring further

5.    Once you’ve selected these aspects (categories), create a grid of authors’ names and categories

6.    Fill the grid in with details from source material (decide what to quote/paraphrase/summarize)

1.    Translate the grid material into individual paragraphs. Each paragraph should discuss one particular aspect/category and should synthesize at least two different sources.

2.    Make a claim that synthesizes the sources and describes it briefly

3.    Give illustration to support your individual claims. Use quotes, paraphrases, or summary from the source material

4. Analyze and fully explain what the synthesized sources tells us about the aspect/category

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