Posted: September 17th, 2017

Nurse patient therapeutic relationship

References need to be dated between 2010-2015.
Only include an Introduction, and answer these questions under a heading in the body of the paper and a conclusion.
Question 1: analysis of current understanding and or experiences that Mrs Akajen may face within the healthcare system. Identify where appropriate your limitations as the student nurse.
Question 2: from the information provided in the case study of Mrs Akajen and literature available explore her cultural and holistic health needs that you the student nurse will consider when establishing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with mrs Akajen
Question 3: from the 2 nurse person therapeutic relationship model elements being nurse communication and nurse perception of health and the health care system, identify factors and discuss how these factors may influence the establishment and maintenance of a therapeutic relationship between the nursing student and Mrs Akajen.
Question 4: discuss appropriate strategies that you as the nursing student could implement in establishing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with Mrs Akajen. This should include but is not limited to suggestions regarding the integration of other health support services.
Conclusion to sum up the essay.
Some examples of things to write about in answering these questions could be nursing strategies to close the gap, being polite and respectful having culture awareness, the patients world view, the social political and historical life experiences that shape mrs akajens lens and the meanings in her physical and spritual world. Modesty, what type of eye contact, the two world perspective, social determinates, language barrier being multi dialects, cultural safety, recognise the 3 cultures and how she is mixed heritage and how policy eras influenced her life. Use of visual aids and keeping things simple with no medical jargon. Her fear of being treated poorly due to past experiences or the stories told by family members.

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