Posted: September 18th, 2017


Read the scenario below. Discuss how you would apply therapeutic communication skills to build a relationship with Vinay during his admission.

You are meeting 19 year old Vinay for the first time. Encouraged by his family. As a new graduate nurse you are part of the multidisciplinary team responsible for Vinay’s assessment. Vinay has just presented for assessment at the mental health unit. As you observe Vinay in the waiting room, he appears disinterested and withdrawn. His parents report to you that Vina’s behaviour has changed gradually over the last 6 months. He has become moody and uncommunicative. His parents also report that in recent weeks he has started talking about his thoughts being controlled by energy waves emitted by the television. His parents state that Vinay has in the past used cannabis heavily. They also tell you that his academic performance has suffered and that his friends have also noticed the changes in Vinay’s mood and behaviour.


Read to assignment question carefully

Assessment criteria:

Reasoning and analysis.
Focus on topic.
Accuracy of facts.
Accurate use of CDU-APA referencing style.
Writing style, grammar and spelling.
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