Posted: December 11th, 2014

Ochsner Medical Center

Ochsner Medical Center

Prepare a well-crafted double-spaced typed paper of roughly 8-10 pages in length
Locate the organizational chart and related information of any large health care organization, which may include a state health department, a large hospital or multi-hospital system, a large managed care organization or HMO or health insurance company. Select an agency or health care provider with comprehensive services and/or jurisdiction over the health care quality and services of its citizens/patients. (The Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, Care-First Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Kaiser-Permanente, MEDSTAR, LIFEBRIDGE and Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore are all good examples.) For the agency or health care provider you have selected, briefly discuss the following:

OCHSNER MEDICAL CENTER NEW ORLEANS, LA is the agency or healthcare provider I have chosen.

How is the HCP/agency organized to accomplish its primary objectives? (You will have to ascertain what they are!)

Do you consider the organizational optimal, merely adequate or effective or neither?

What are the primary sources of this HCP/agency’s budget? (IE Where does its funds come from?)

What are this HCP/agency’s principal budgetary outlays and expenditures? (IE Where does most of its funds go?)

How are services for the poor addressed, if at all?

How does this HCP/agency seek to balance its competing interests or core constituencies? (Hint: does the organization clearly identify its competing interests and allocate resources reasonably among them? To whom is the organization accountable? Are they congruent?)

Who are prominent in the HCP/agency’s administration?


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