Posted: September 17th, 2017

Online learning- result

Online learning- result

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1. Complete part discussion of result part only and gave advice and recommendation for King Abdul Aziz University to get butter healthy organization.
2.also I need you to revise this part in my paper and make it better words(The results produced in the Heart Smart Survey I & II indicated the king Abdul Aziz University had good organizational health. There were several different aspects focused in the research some of which include conflict resolution, culture, communication, motivation, leadership, attitude, structure, and decision-making. The average score for all the three participants was 4.8 for the University, which would be described as “average” organizational developmental using the scale provided by Palestini.
After looking at each factor of the survey I independently it showed that all the Student agreed that the highest scoring areas were Goal Setting (average of 5.4), Culture (average of 5.3), power distribution (average of 5.1) Motivation (average of 5), Conflict Resolution and leadership and conflict resolution (average of 4.6), structure and Decision Making (average of 4.2), and Communication (average of 4.1).
For the Heart Smart Survey II average score for three student was 3.3 and that indicate the lack of a problem in the university. For moral integrity was 3.4, for the Community had an average score of 3.3 while the average score for Service/Justice was 3.4.
The results in survey I and II indicate that the university has good organizational health that is likely to translate into better student achievement.

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