Posted: September 17th, 2017

Online TEFL course checkpoint 1

Online TEFL course checkpoint 1

1-Discuss the three most important priorities in your life, and how they apply to your interest in our PA program.

2-What do you expect to contribute to this University and community?

3- Choose one of the following topics to write about: a) Tell us about a person from history or present day who has influenced your life, and how. b) Tell us about a talent or interest you have outside of medicine. c) Tell us about a book you read in the last year that had a big impact on you, and why. d) Where do you see yourself in five years?

1-Describe how your personal and/or professional experiences reflect at least three of the core values of the Samuel Merritt University Physician Assistant Program as described on our website?

2- Samuel Merritt University values the unique contributions of students from diverse backgrounds. Please provide insight into the contribution you will make to our program and the PA profession as a result of your unique background and life experience. Optional

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