Posted: September 18th, 2017

Operations Management in Business

The coursework assessment for Operations Management. The purpose of this coursework is to develop skills in tying together theory and practice so that you gain valuable insight into the demands of operations management as a realistic activity.

Operations strategy should reflect the needs and requirements of the business’s market. No operation that fails to serve its market is likely to survive in the long term. In this coursework, you are expected to compare and contrast the operations and processes of Primark and Zara, two fast fashion retailers, from an operations strategy perspective. You are required to critically assess how both companies compete and survive in the fashion marketplace by using the concepts, tools and techniques studied in this module.
When reflecting upon their strategies you may focus on how they influence the operations performance from the design, planning and control, improvement perspectives and how their strategies are reflected on their operations.

The assignment should be completed in report format of no more than 2500 words and should include the following:
1) A summary of key differences between these two business models from a strategic operations management perspective.
2) A discussion on how these differences in their competitive objectives may influence the decisions of their product and operations features.
3) A trade-off analysis among the operations performance objectives, namely: cost, quality, speed, dependability and flexibility. Can the operations manager of the above firms overcome any of these trade-offs? Give some recommendations.

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