Posted: September 17th, 2017

Organization and organizational culture

In this task you will use the case of Playa Serena who introduced early in the course as a resource to put into practice what you have learned about planning in business administration. You can access the the case (see the

attachment) To see the results of the survey conducted by the hotel owner (see the attachment)

Specific instructions

• Read carefully the case of Playa Serena.

• Using the data in the case answer the following:

– Help to build an organization for Serena Beach Hotel. Use a tool such as Word or PowerPoint for it. In this

chart you must include the posts of current employees of the hotel.

– Name five (5) tasks to give to key employees within the company to tackle the problems facing them

– If you had the power to create a new department, what would it be? Briefly indicating the object thereof.

– Drift on the 10 characteristics of organizational culture that appear at the end of chapter 5 of the book

Fundamentals of Management, describes what to you would be the ideal for Serena Beach Hotel organizational


– In your opinion, Hotel Playa Serena, do you have a good organization?

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