Posted: September 17th, 2017

Organization Development and Change

Pearson Private Hospital is a medium-sized, high-end private hospital located in Penrith, NSW. Because of organisational ineffectiveness in the last twelve months, particularly in the fast-paced Emergency department, the Executive Committee identified a need for planned organisational development.

In assuming the role of a hospitality-based OD practitioner (external change agent), you have recently implemented a significant organisational change in Pearson Private’s operations. You were hired for your expertise and skills in Organisational Development for the hotel sector, as the Executive Committee of Pearson Private understand the synergy between operating a hotel and operating a high-end private hospital.

Advise your lecturer by email of the change situation you will base your report on before proceeding. ;
*The communication among the department
* Empowerment to the staffs depend on their level
* Training for front line staffs and the managerial level
* The FnB department

In your report you must justify the position and activities that you have taken in addressing the issues raised, and make logical recommendations to management about the change process.
You will also critically analyse the various definitions of OD, and the relevant theories and methodologies around OD and change management. Hospitality-based literature related to OD is also expected.

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