Posted: September 17th, 2017

Organizational Analysis

Organizational Analysis

For the Organizational Analysis, you will pick an organization to follow and analyze. 

examine Riverside County Office on Aging:

Your project task is several-fold:

< Review/identify the major purpose(s), goals, and/or mission of the unit you analyze. What factors led to its creation? What is the organizational structure of the unit? An organizational chart is useful here.


< Describe/discuss the degree to which the unit fulfills its prescribed purpose: Where are there inconsistencies, and why? How is this evaluated, formally or informally?

< What type of environment does the organization find itself in, and how affected is it by that environment?


< Analyze the organizational culture — What types of employees/professions characterize the organization? What difference, if any, does this make? Is there evidence of a public service motive in employees or not?


< In what ways, if any, does this organization serve a diverse population and represent a diverse workplace? Can you identify ways in which this has helped or hurt the organization?


< What reforms, if any, have been attempted, and how successful have they been?


< What reforms, if any, would you suggest for the unit to better meet its goals/mission?

You must document your sources for the purpose/mission and factors which affected the organization’s creation and development. 

You also need to provide support from the literature where appropriate. That means you will need a

bibliography. Students find that breaking up this project into specific headings is useful for

organization. These analyses tend to be about 11 pages long. It is required to be: paginated, in double-space type, well-written, and stapled in the upper left-hand corner. 


Reference Section separate from 11 page body.


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