Posted: September 17th, 2017

Organizational change cases.

Write an APA-formatted manuscript of no more than 20 double-spaced pages including front matter and references that presents a case study of organizational change. In the case study show the reader a complex organizational change problem/initiative and show how the organizational leader(s) led the organization through the problem solution or the change initiative. Show your content knowledge and application of organizational behavior theory from the readings this semester.

Including global issues will enhance the case and make it more useable.

Review the web and the library databases for examples of case studies. Google Books lists organizational change cases as does Google Scholar.

A couple of examples are:
• Jane C. Linder, (2004),”Outsourcing as a strategy for driving transformation,” Strategy & Leadership, Vol. 32 Iss: 6 pp. 26 – 31

• Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar, Liisa Välikangas, (2008),”Sun Ray’s struggle to overcome innovation trauma,” Strategy & Leadership, Vol. 36 Iss: 3 pp. 15 – 20

Please note that the intent of this assignment is that you would write a case study based on information that you collect first hand from an organization that has undertaken change.

Alternately, you can use multiple third party accounts of change experiences in an organization like eBay. If you use third party information (like a case written by others), you need to have multiple sources.

In either case, make sure to clearly identify the change undertaken and the details of the process. ‘How they did it’ is the primary focus of the major project.

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