Posted: September 17th, 2017

Organizational Change Initiative


Organizational Change Initiative Guidelines,  Requirements
The sections included in the proposal should be: 

1. Improvement Proposal Title Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Proposal topic(s) (a short overview of the proposal topic(s), applying any of the topics covered in

the course prior to the assignment due date)

4. The organization (an overview)

5. The current situation (how it is done now)

6. The proposed approach (how it should be done)

7. Implementation plan (phases/steps) & Investment/resources needed

8. Expected results (what…how much…by when?)

9. References


Use the PowerPoint file that I have included in the order for presentation. Retain the titles for slides

3-10 in the file. It is acceptable, even desirable, to apply a PowerPoint template to the Guide file.

However, you should retain the slide titles, which correspond to the required sections of the OCI. If

you want to add descriptive material to the title, use a subtitle. Slides which follow the first slide of a

section can have a different title, but the first slide of each section should have the designated title. It

is expected that the proposal will be 20-25 slides in length.


Important note: The Improvement Proposal should encompass an organizational issue, opportunity,

or problem identified and developed a solution for. It should not be a summary of a project that is

already underway in the organization. That is, the OCI original and focus on the future—not a rehash. 


Select a single issue or problem as the focus of your OCI. 

Keep in mind that the OCI proposal is a “presentation to management.” Don’t clutter the slides with a

lot of “prose” that would be difficult for someone in the audience to read. 


Use the Notes section of the slides to provide an expanded explanation of points presented on the

slides. Be sure to delete the grading protocol in the Notes section of the slides.




Title Page 

• þInclude descriptive project title, your name, and your e-mail address.  

Table of Contents 

• List topics covered in presentation and slide numbers. 0 þ 

Proposal Topic 

• A short overview of the proposal topic, applying any of the topics covered in the course.

• Clearly identify the topic(s) from the course readings that you are addressing (e.g. strategy,

organizational change, culture, etc.).

• It is strongly recommended that you restrict your proposal to a single topic. This will make the OCI

easier to write and more likely to be implementable.

• On a slide or two, provide a brief description of the topic. 

• Quickly summarize the topic. Short and to the point. Use bullets, not prose.

• Cite the source(s) of your descriptions on the References slide, but be sure to include a notation of

the appropriate reference on the slide.

• Note that this section is not about the organization on which you are writing your OCI. It is only

about the topic that you are going to address and the reason for its importance. References to the

organization should be reserved for later sections. þ 

The Organization 

• On a slide or two, provide a brief description of the organization (e.g. Size, Locations,

Services/Products, Function, Revenue, etc.). 

• Short and to the point. Use bullets, not prose. þ 

The Current Situation 

• Describe the current situation (for example, the organization’s current approach to ‘strategy

formulation’ or ‘culture’ or ‘recruiting/hiring’ or ‘organizational change’, etc.)

• Use graphics to describe the current approach when you can, for example:

a. Use a list of current steps or actions and their descriptions, and/or a process flow diagram to

demonstrate the steps of the current process. 

b. Identify what is lacking in the process (e.g. communication, training, etc.). Or, identify what

should not be done (e.g. too many steps, approvals, etc.).

c. Show organization charts to illustrate an organization structure (if you are addressing an

organizational structure issue).

• Need NUMBERS! Show current performance numbers that are affected by the topics you are


a. For example: Costs, Productivity, Sales, Cycle-Time, Employee and/or Customer Satisfaction,

Employee Retention/Turnover, etc. that are affected by the organization’s approach to ‘strategy and

organizational change’.

b. Estimate the numbers if you can’t access them.

c. ‘Less is More’ Choose one, two, or three key issues/measures to address.

d. Use charts, graphs, and/or tables (for example, show trends such as the last three or five years,

etc., compare performance with competitors, etc.). Demonstrate that an issue exists that needs to be


e. Show a dollar cost of the problem/issue to the organization.

f. Cite the source(s) of your descriptions on the References slide. 0 þ 

The Proposed Approach 

• This is a “high level” overview of the approach that you are taking to address the focus of the


• Use graphics when you can, for example:

o A list of broad steps and their descriptions, and/or a process flow diagram to demonstrate the steps

of the new/proposed process. These broad steps should be expanded in the Implementation Plan


o Identify what is being added or eliminated in the process, e.g. communication, training, etc.

• Gap Analysis. Show on a single separate slide.

o Show organization diagrams to illustrate the new/proposed organization structure (if you are

addressing organization structure). OR

o Show a comparison between the current and the proposed approach, to clearly illustrate the

differences (use a chart, table, graphic, etc.) þ 

Implementation Plan & Investment/Resources Needed 

• Show the implementation action steps with the timing for each step (start and end dates). The action

steps should be a more detailed breakdown of the broad steps listed in the Proposed Approach


• Set the timing to begin the future—for example, the month after the trimester ends.

• Use the ACTION PLAN AND COSTS TABLE in the slide.

o List the steps required to implement the OCI

o Specify the timing.

o Show the estimated costs associated with each step.

o Show the total cost to the organization. 

• This is a detailed expansion of the more general Proposed Approach described in the previous step.

As such, it should include specific steps detailing the general steps outlined in “The Proposed

Approach” section above. þ 

Expected Results 


o Show the current performance numbers (from the ‘current situation’ section) versus the

predicted/expected future performance numbers (include a table or chart showing the expected

improvement on the issues/numbers identified in the ‘current situation’ section) 

o Show the ROI = Project Improvements (dollar value) minus Implementation Costs þ 


• Cite sources of information, data, etc. on a References slide(s) at the end of the presentation. 

• Use the APA style.

• Link references to slide.


o Organize References by Slide. That is, reproduce the slide titles and cite sources for that slide. Omit

slides without citations. OR

o Use Endnotes to link reference by number to a point made in a slide

• Use three or more external references that are linked to course content.

• Cite other sources used in presentation, e.g., annual reports, company documents, web pages, etc. þ


Required slide titles used.

Font size consistent across slides (not too big, not too small, not all bold).

Use bullets and sub-bullets (not prose).

Can use some color, but mostly black and white (more professional).

Ø Can use a template, but not one that overpowers or distracts from the OCI content.

Ø Limit clip art. If used, insure that it supports the point you are making.

Ø Note that each of the major sections can have more than one slide and that is likely for most of the



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