Posted: September 18th, 2017

Organizational Structures

Understanding the Power Structure in an Organization

If you can, obtain an organizational chart for your department in your company. (Your manager or HR department should be able to help you with this.) Understanding how your department or company is organized will help you understand this assignment.

You do not need to submit your org chart, but feel free to include it for Part 2.

Formal Communication StructuresAA008801.jpg

  1. Complete Exercise 8 from Chapter One of Foundations of Business Communications, found on page 28. (The document is in your readings section and was part of this week’s reading material.) You will be analyzing the power structure in this organization. Submit your answers as part of this assignment.
  2. Write a 1-2 paragraph description of the communication at your company, or if you are not working, an organization or company you are familiar with. Is it a formal or informal system? Why is it important to understand the power structure for communication purposes in an organization?

    Informal Communication Systems

  3. Consider the concepts presented in the second Cultivate video. Who were the people who helped you get to where you are in your career? What kinds of things did they do to help you? Who are your Allies today? Are you an ally for someone to help them progress in their career?
  4. Reflect on this week’s material on power and communication, and the informal structure of the relationship ecosystem covered in Cultivate. Share some insights applicable to your current situation or discoveries you made as you completed this assignment.

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