Posted: September 17th, 2017

Osmolytes and stabilization

Osmolytes and stabilization

Project description
1-abstract summary and goal of our project ( the goal is we try stable the silk by use different concentration of water and osmolytes insted use HFIP
2-INTERODUICTION about silk and osmolytes ( betaine , TMANO, and sarcosine) also write about CD
3-expermental procedures and put all tables
4-result put all graphs
5- discussion all the result
6-concluion summary and applications of betaine and TMANO and sarcosine
ill give you the attached AND MAKE THE REPORT FROM IT

Experimental Procedure
• Make an 4.4M stock solution (concentration) by adding 5.5g
of TMANO( 111.14 g/mol,solubility=6M) to 10 ml of water, so
the TMANO would dissolve in solution.
• prepare the water and HFIP of silk mixtures.
• Add the TMANO stock solution in the specified
concentration to the the water and HFIP mixtures.
• add 20mM of synthetic 15- repeat of silk with water to each
eppendorf tubes fisher.
• check the room temperature before using Circular Dichroism
to collect date.

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