Posted: September 18th, 2017


This week your assignment is to take the outline you developed over the last few weeks and develop a rough draft of your research project, inclusive of your relevant research references cited in APA formatting.  Submit your rough draft to your instructor for review and feedback.

My paper is covering the Electronic Health Record, and some points made on: from the patient’s perspective. & does it help Healthcare Leaders? As long as the objectives are hit on.

*REQUIRED:  Submit your rough draft to Grammarly.  As part of your submission to your instructor this week you are required to submit your Grammarly summary report for your research paper. If you do not submit this report, you will recieve a zero on your submission and it will be sent back to you without review.  Instructions to submit to Grammarly are located on “TWC” tab in Blackboard or below in the “Supporting Web Links” folder.



Resources and guidance on how to create a rough draft and the Herzing University tools for creating a plagiarism report are included in the Supporting Web links

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