Posted: September 17th, 2017

Oxidation of food

Oxidation of food

1. Topic Title and Introduction (7pts)

Topic can be of your own choice or from the question bank provided. It must be original (not a

replication or demonstration from a youtube video or other sources). It should be clearly stated and meaningful and it must represent the
experiment you are carrying out. Lastly, it must be approv ed by your teacher. (2pts)

Find at least 3 resources that describe your topic and write a clear introduction in your own words. The introduction should be between 150-200 words. Resources should be books,
journals or trusted websites. One of the resources can be Wikipedia. (3pts)

Explain why you chose this topic. (2pts)

2. Write at least 3 relevant questions (ideas or conjectures) that explore the topic further and show deeper thinking (6pts)

3. Develop a testable hypothesis (5pts)

A hypothesis is a statement that you are able to test.

4. Peer Review (3pts)

Share your thoughts and ideas regarding your research with an expert in that area (other students,family members or teachers-except your col165 teacher) and write down their

5. Experimental Methodology: This section must include the following: (16pts)

Provide clear and detaile stepsthat will be used to carry out your experiment. (3pts)

Identify the independent variable(s)(2pts)

Identify the dependent variablegs) (2pts)

ldenti ythe control group, if needed (if not needed, explain why?) (1pt)

Identify at least 2 fixed


Provide descrgtion of how data will be collected (i.e. tools used) (3pts)

E3 State at least possible outcomes


5. Evidencelproof of student carrying out the experiment (i.e. photos,videos, etc.) (5pts)

7. Data Representation (Bins)

Include a table of your results. (3pts)

Use diagrams andlor graphs to further explain your results. (3pts)

8. Data Analysis (7pts)

Provide detailed explanations:

Whathave youfound? (3pts)

E3 What do the results indicate clearly?

P15) Based on your data, was your hypothesis supported? If not, then modify your hypothesis or propose a new one. (1 pt)

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