Posted: February 16th, 2015



1.    Examine patent(s) that has been obtained on a product/product/family/generic product (car, airplane). If you would be working on a single individual product, make sure that your description of the patent is specific as possible. If you work on a generic product you might work on a general outline of the patents that have been obtained for facilitating the evolution of the product from a historical perspective. Please develop several paragraphs and in your discussion please address  following questions;
1-    What the patent is about? (Describe the product that the patent is obtained)
2-    What is the specific role of the patent in product development (What is the specific area does the patent address (new assembly or manufacturing methods of an existing product, design of a new product, or modification of an existing product)
3-    What are the claims of the patent (please try to simplify the patent’s cryptic language, and by using your own sentences express it concisely.)
4-    What are the major improvements brought by the patent?

You can use google for searching patents (www. Please do not simply copy from patent description or web pages, and use your own words.

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