Posted: September 17th, 2017

“Peak Academic Performance”

Read the “Peak Academic Performance” article to write a 2-3 page paper on your personal experiences.
Structure your essay in this way:
Introduction Paragraph (4-7 sentences):
1. An opening sentence that grabs readers’ attention and encourages them to want to read on. This might be a powerful anecdote, a lively quotation, a story, or even a question. The opening sentence does not have to reveal the main point (or even topic) of the essay.
2. A brief summary of the topic. The necessary background information can typically be provided in 3–5 sentences.
3. A concise thesis statement at the end of the paragraph. A thesis is one sentence and states the main point of an essay. A thesis is never in the form of a question.
1. Paragraph 1 (4-7 sentences): Description of Personal Academic Triumph: What did you accomplish? How did you accomplish it? Why was it a peak performance? Who was involved?
2. Paragraph 2 (4-7 sentences): Aspirations and Interests: What is it that you want from school? What do you do very well that can help you receive what you want out of school?
3. Paragraph 3 (4-7 sentences): Who at your work, home, and Trident University can help you achieve what you want out of school? In what ways can you use these people to help you operate with peak academic performance at Trident University this session?
Conclusion Paragraph (4-7 sentences)
1. Summarize main points of essay in 3-5 sentences.
2. Restate the thesis in an original, though concise manner.
3. Suggest further study of the issue that has not been addressed in the essay.

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