Posted: September 17th, 2017

Perfomance evaluatoin from balanced score card.

This assessment task is an online computer generated business simulation. The business is manufacturing computer and laptop. My company is called “Smart Technology Pty Ltd”. The company’s predominant target market segments are Workhorse and Mercedes. Search for theory and concept of workhorse and Mercedes terms.The company is now producing Personal Computer for the workhorse segment and Laptop for the Mercedes segment. Currently, we have to sales offices one in shanghai and one in Chicago. Next quarter another sales office in Sao Paulo should be ready. The head office for web sale channel is in Chicago. The maximum number of goods the factory can produced is 75 units per day or 4,875 units per quarter. There are the total of 14 sales persons, 7 staff in Chicago and 7 staff in shanghai. For web sale channel, we also have 7 staff ready to assist customers. For lists of competitors please see below graphs for more details.

The online business simulation has now passed two quarters. Therefore, it is time to conduct a performance evaluation based on the “Balanced Scorecard” and other relative data, which will be attached.

By now you should be familiar with the business simulation and have made two quarters decisions. This assessment requires you to demonstrate an understanding of the performance of your company and undertake a self- evaluation of decisions made.
Using your balanced scorecard, write a brief report to the venture capitalists (lecturer) that addresses the following;
a)  Your company performance to date.
b)  A reflection on the decisions (good/bad) you have made.
– According to the balanced scorecard and the graphs and tables provided, please observe the current business performance

– Company expand factory production capacity too early? (leads to short of cash)
– Expand more sales channel too quick,as this is the second quarter (can lead to short of cash)
– how to improve market share for Mercedes segment as the company is less competitive?
-how to maintain and increase the market share for Workhorse? As we currently have the most market share.

– was there too many sales persons in the first two quarter?
– overall how can we improve and to be more competitive advantage. Should we adjust the each computers specification accordingly to suits each segment needs and wants.

c) A summary of your learnings to date of running a business.
– Considering the matter of human resources management, sales channel, factory production capacity, market strategy, pricing strategy, product modification, increasing sales, demand projection and plenty more. Lastly, listed ways how to maintain competitive advantage and be ahead of competitors.
You are required to include a copy of your quarter 2, balanced scorecard in your report.
You are encouraged to research and use appropriate references in regards to learning styles and reflection.

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