Posted: September 17th, 2017

Performance Management and Analytics

Performance Management and Analytics


The individual assignment will be an essay demonstrating the ability of the student to evaluate and analyse a problem related to a real world financial data set by means of statistical methods learned during the lectures. More specifically this would be a regression analysis. The students will propose their own topic and data sets, which have to be confirmed by the unit tutors for the Analytics part of the unit, the data chosen & confirmed is (From the Office of National Statistics; Experimental index of Private Housing Rental Prices in the UK for the last 3 years). The essay should include an economic background of the problem, data processing and analysis, and interpretation of the statistical analysis results.

See below on how you should structure the essay;

Title of your essay

Abstract (Aim, brief about the Data you collected, Significance, Summary results of your essay)

Introduction (Talk in details about aim, data, significance, and any literature review (search on what have been done on the same data done before).

Methodology (you talk about method used which is (regression analysis) and explain the significance of using this method in relative to your data)

Data (testing analysis like mean, variation, normality testing, Anova)

Results (Here when you talk about the regression analysis in depth using SPSS software) checking things like; if the data is normally distributed, residual statistic, multicollinearity, homoscedastic, Durbin Watson) you need to explain what the numbers mean in relative to your data collected.

Conclusion (summary of your work& findings)

References (BU Harvard referencing style) check BU site


Note: IBM SPSS software will display all of these figures just is a matter of explaining in details what they mean.        

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