Posted: September 18th, 2017

Personal Opinion

I need a 2-3 paragraph response to the discussion topic below.  If personal opinions are included they must be anti union.



Approximately three years ago, the big three auto workers negotiated a labor contract that was been hailed as revolutionary by some. There were unprecedented extensions and a short strike. Also recognize there were some givebacks by the union. The end result was a contract that both sides felt satisfied their interests.

Recently some of the previous agreements were changed to reflect the fact that survival was the motivating force. (Basic Needs).

This week I ask for your input regarding what factors act as stimulants for both entities, (Management and the Union) to finalize a settlement. Additionally, comment on whether the attitude of Management (at all levels) influences the negotiation process and final settlement. Feel free to use the Automobile Manufacturers / UAW and the Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers / Screen Writers Guild of America or any other recent settlements as a focal point.

Identify Union and Management factors that act as stimulants to finalize a settlement.

Does the attitude of Management (at all levels) influence the negotiation process and final settlement?

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