Posted: September 17th, 2017

Personal Statement for psychology grad school

1. Introduction: A few sentences or a full paragraph. Here, you identify your interest in and your familiarity with the grad program, how it fits with your career plans, and (briefly) why you are a good fit for the program (you will expand on that in the Main Body).

2. Main Body: This is the part that may differ quite a bit, depending on what the school/program asks for and any word count limit. However, ALL personal statements will need to include in the main body �Big Three� accomplishments: Academics, Scholarship, and Activities. It is a good idea to use the Big Three to organize this part of your personal statement.

3. Closing: Again, a few sentences or a full paragraph. Reaffirm your interest in this specific graduate program, summarize the ways that you are a good fit for this specific program, and thank the graduate admissions committee for their time and consideration.

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