Posted: September 17th, 2017

Perspectives on English as a Global Language

Around the world, the English language is being used for communication among people who come from

various language backgrounds–in fact, a majority of English users today grew up speaking other

languages. As a result of these language contacts, the English language itself is changing its shape. While

some people resist change, there is not much any individual–or a group of people–can do to reverse the

trend. In fact, no one owns the language. Yet, people have various views about what English is or should


One way to understand different perspectives on an issue is to conduct a rhetorical analysis of texts–

spoken or written. Rhetorical analysis is a way of analyzing what the text can tell us not only about the

subject and argument strategies but also about the interrelationship among the writer, the audience, the

genre and arguments as well as the cultural values of the writer and of the knowledge community.


For this writing project, write a rhetorical analysis essay (a kind of critical analysis essay) that examines

an argument about English as a global language.


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