Posted: September 17th, 2017

Physical security

For centuries researchers and have studied the relationship between the environment and human behaviour. Accordant with such pursuits Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) is an environmental criminology theory grounded in the proposition that through the appropriate design and application of the built and surrounding environment both crime and the fear of crime can be reduced. The premise expresses that although different crimes are influenced or affected in different ways by the environment in which they occur, almost every type of “street crime”, crimes against persons or property, are influenced in some way by the physical design, layout, or by situational factors such as the presence of a victim or target, the lack of guardianship, and the lack of surveillance opportunities. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) has its theoretical basis in the Rational Choice paradigm based within a human/environment interaction model.
You are to review the literature and discuss the premise that CPTED reduces both the incidence and fear of crime, consider the questions:
(a) Is this a valid premise?
(b) What does the evidence say?
To successfully complete this assignment students must demonstrate a high level of research where a minimum of 20 references are utilized to establish an informed argument. Of these references as least half must stem from academic texts.
Warning-this assignment will require a written argument based on an analysis of your reviewed literature.
Special Instructions
Word Limit: 2000 Words.
This paper will:
1. Require you to research CPTED and designing out crime.
2. Give you experience in bringing together ideas to form new ideas which are valid and
consistent with logic.
3. Provide you with practice in formal essay writing by expressing your argument in a
coherent and reasoned manner.
4. Allow you to support your argument by reference to readings, references, and other
source materials.
Note; This essay should include academic referencing according to ECU guidelines. All citations, references, and acknowledgments must be properly recognized. The essay must conform to the essay writing standards of Edith Cowan University.

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